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Global Air Race (1952)

Global Air Race (1952)


5 out of 10 with 2 ratings
Board Game Rank: Not Ranked


This game was created by Replogle Globes in 1952, and is quite innovative for a 'spinner' type point-to-point race game. It features an accurate metal globe on a stand from the 1952 time period, and at the base of the globe, a spinner (that when spun, moves around the globe base until stopping at a number). A set of 4 metal planes are included to act as the markers in the game that race around the world on the globe itself.

The game is played by spinning the spinner and moving the number of miles indicated, being sure to land at a certain city of your choice that you feel gives you the best chance at getting across the globe first. There is fuel (and refueling) to manage, as well as event cards that come into play. The winner is the one that makes it across the globe (or a set distance) in the quickest amount of time.

The game consists, in addition to the globe, spinner base, and planes, paper event cards, tiny paper fuel pieces, and even the game box itself (resembles a normal brown shipping box) is labeled and considered part of the 'whole game'.

  • Designer: (Uncredited)
  • Publisher: Replogle Globes, Inc.
  • Year Published: 1952
  • Number of Players: 2 - 4
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 10
  • Playing Time: 30
  • Suggested Ages: 6
  • Category: Aviation / Flight, Racing
  • Mechanic: Point to Point Movement, Roll / Spin and Move
  • Family: Sports: Aerial Racing
  • Alternate Names: Global Air Race, Globe Race


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4 out of 10
Received new when I was 6.

6 out of 10
Vintage 1952, Complete with Labeled Parcel Box.

Owned this when the kids were young. No idea where I got it or what happened to it. Probably rummaged.

Who cares how good a game it is! It's a freaking globe - with magnetic airplanes! How cool is that? This served as "game art" in my game bistro for many years. In 2017, I sold it. A game I enjoyed owning, but it was time to pass it along to the next geek who would enjoy it.

Original globe, plus replacement components from the most amazing Thrifty Santa ever.

Regarding Kevin Whitmores comment: This IS a game, and it is ultra-cool. Games are there to be played, and I play this with my 7 year old son: He literally melts away !
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