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Galaxy Grid (2004)

Galaxy Grid (2004)


5.75 out of 10 with 2 ratings
Board Game Rank: Not Ranked
War Game Rank: Not Ranked


Galaxy Grid is Free Print and Play simultaneous movement board game comprising of a grid playing board on which four tanks maneuver attempting to disable opponent tanks. All tank commanders plot the course and shot range before each round commences. As the Movement Round continues, tanks are disabled one by one, but no one is safe until the Shot Round is finished. At the end of the round a tank may be undergoing repair in a docking bay, or may be set up for eminent destruction in the following round. The tactical choices are endless. Where are the other tanks going to move? What is the shot strength? These are questions to be pondered before entering the movement and shot commands into the tank console. Command your tank to victory!

  • Designer: Rob Fosnaugh
  • Publisher: (Web published)
  • Year Published: 2004
  • Number of Players: 3 - 4
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 12
  • Playing Time: 60
  • Subdomain: Wargames
  • Category: Dice, Print & Play, Science Fiction, Space Exploration, Travel, Wargame
  • Mechanic: Area Movement, Roll / Spin and Move, Simultaneous Action Selection
  • Alternate Names: Galaxy Grid


Traded this & some others w/ kytty for A TON OF GAMES.

7.5 out of 10

4 out of 10
Definitely has some potential. I like the idea of cashing in tokens for mines or shield points. The movement needs to be streamlined a little. The game tends to drag as you all roll dice and try to decide where to move. It seems too easy to just plant a few mines and then hide somewhere while everyone else fights.

Downloaded, printed and laminated, but not played yet. Rules are not very clear.
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