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Catch Me! (2004)

Catch Me! (2004)


5.14286 out of 10 with 7 ratings
Board Game Rank: Not Ranked
Children's Game Rank: Not Ranked


From the publisher's web site:

"Catch Me! is a fast and exciting children’s game! On their turn, each player turns one card from the deck to the table and all the players try to grab the animal depicted in the card from the game board. If you are quick enough, you may be able to grab the right animal – before somebody else does – and receive the card for yourself to mark a scored point. But watch out, because sometimes the card is empty and you are not allowed to grab at all; sometimes the card shows that you can grab any one of the animals! Who collects the most cards and wins this amusing game? It could be you!"

Ages 4 and up

  • Designer: (Uncredited)
  • Publisher: Piatnik, Tactic
  • Year Published: 2004
  • Number of Players: 3 - 6
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 4
  • Playing Time: 20
  • Subdomain: Children's Games
  • Category: Action / Dexterity, Animals, Card Game, Children's Game, Real-time
  • Family: Animals: Hippopotamus
  • Alternate Names: Animal Friends: Nappaa pois! Fang meg! Fånga djur! Fang mig!, Animal Friends: Snap Off!, Attrape Moi!, Catch Me!, Fånga djur!, Kapj el, ha tudsz!, Nappaa Pois, Napsa Ära!, Pak Me Dan!


4 out of 10
Kid's game.

6 out of 10
Game for older children (unlike Picnic). Requires dexterity, that's why it is not suitable for smaller children. Yet, the game is good and fun.
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