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Veptheca (2003)

Veptheca (2003)


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Veptheca is an abstract strategy game for two or more players, which is played with pen and paper.
The board of Veptheca is a arbitrary quad-board with dots. The minimal size is 3x3 points, but bigger is better, for more strategy. Of course, for more than two players, a bigger field must be used.
Every player draws a vector on the field, with the following rules :

1. Orthogonal vector with length 1 (the distance between two neighbor dots in same line or column) with arbitrary direction, if the vector doesn't intersect any existing one.

2. Vector, which is a sum of two existing connected vectors with joint vertex in case :

* is discreet (i.e. lies on two dots from the field);
* doesn't intersect existing vector;
* the joint vertex of the vectors, which sum is, is its vertex too;
* lies in the sub-plane defined by the non-obtuse angle defined by the two vectors, which sum is it;
* is not a result of two collinear vectors;

The winner of the game is the player who makes the last possible move.

The official game site (for rules and examples) is

  • Designer: Jordan Tuzsuzov
  • Publisher: (Self-Published)
  • Year Published: 2003
  • Number of Players: 2 - 2
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 0
  • Playing Time: 10
  • Subdomain: Abstract Games
  • Category: Abstract Strategy
  • Mechanic: Line Drawing, Paper-and-Pencil
  • Alternate Names: Veptheca


Paper & Pencil

wants_parts = Game has not been commercially sold as a boxed set. pencil and paper game

Still not played. Seems hard!(carta e penna, vettori)
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