Thursday, March 31, 2016

MTB (1977)

MTB (1977)


5.6 out of 10 with 10 ratings
Board Game Rank: Not Ranked
War Game Rank: Not Ranked


Situation: The time 1942/43, the place is the English Channel. The scene set is that of the almost continual battle for supremacy between the small boat navies of Germany and Great Britain. The prize for both sides is two-fold: first, the elimination of the other's coastal convoys, and second, the control of this narrow and dangerous stretch of water.

One of several titles released by Tabletop Games which were intended to be played directly on the game table (without a map) using rules concepts from traditional miniatures wargaming. The games offered an affordable alternative to the miniatures hobby in that they used un-cut cardstock counters.

  • Designer: (Uncredited)
  • Publisher: Tabletop Games
  • Year Published: 1977
  • Number of Players: 2 - 2
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 0
  • Playing Time: 120
  • Subdomain: Wargames
  • Category: Wargame, World War II
  • Alternate Names: MTB


7 out of 10
This game was a lot of fun.

7 out of 10
Not many PT Boat games out there anyway, and this one is simple, playable fun.


4 out of 10
OK, I'm impressed that this one is even in the database. Years since I played it, but enjoyed it in my youth, not least because of the charm of the topic. Fairly limited replay value after a while.

Homemade photocopied version.

7 out of 10
Its really kind of a boardgame without a board, or a set of miniature rules with cardboard cut-out pieces rather than a traditional "board" game. I had both this game and U-Boat as well. I haven't played either in a while but they were both really fun, fairly simple games that could be played almost anywhere, where you had a couple square feet of space. Overall they had nice simple graphics, and were a nice set of rules.

5 out of 10
The good thing about the Tabletop Games series was that they were incredibly cheap at a time when I only had pocket money to eke out. This one was OK, not one of the best.
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