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Crimea (1977)

Crimea (1977)


5.67778 out of 10 with 9 ratings
Board Game Rank: Not Ranked
War Game Rank: Not Ranked


The campaign in the Crimea in 1941-42 was more of a siege than a fluid Panzer action, since only one German Panzer Division actually took part in the battles. Yet, the employment of assault guns by the Germans and the later devastating effect of the 22nd Panzer Division made the use of armor an important part of this campaign."

The game uses brigade and division sized units. 100 counters
Part of Excalibre's Panzer Battles and Sieges Series.
Other games in the PBSS include: Caen 1944, Crimea 1941, Sidi Rezegh 1941, Cassino 1944, Ancient Conquest, Atlantis 12,500 B.C., Crete 1941, Edgehill 1642, and Tunisia 1943

  • Designer: R. J. Hlavnicka, Dennis P. O'Leary
  • Artist: Richard Winter
  • Publisher: Excalibre Games, Inc.
  • Year Published: 1977
  • Number of Players: 2 - 2
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 12
  • Playing Time: 120
  • Subdomain: Wargames
  • Category: Wargame, World War II
  • Mechanic: Hex-and-Counter
  • Alternate Names: Crimea


6 out of 10
good little game. you get what you pay for. lower quality map and counters but still enjoyable to play

Sad but true - I have a handmade copy of this in which I handpainted the map - too cheapskate to buy the original!


22 owners

3 out of 10
Rules are flabby and the CRT leads to a dull shoving contest.

7 out of 10
Always had fun playing this game

6 out of 10
Did not expect much from this game or system, but was pleasantly surprised. Not a bad rendition of the situation. I do suspect it is very hard for the Germans to get both Sevastopol and Kertsch, so a draw is the most likely outcome.

Eastern Front game

(5.79) UP
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