Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chatter Matters (2000)

Chatter Matters (2000)


5.31143 out of 10 with 14 ratings
Board Game Rank: Not Ranked


A family game in which players move around the board and answer personal questions or do simple games / tasks like Charades or making up a poem/song. Designed to stimulate discussion and have players share their feelings.

  • Designer: Kathryn Nessel Retsky
  • Publisher: Mattel
  • Year Published: 2000
  • Number of Players: 2 - 4
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 8
  • Playing Time: 60
  • Category: Party Game
  • Mechanic: Roll / Spin and Move
  • Alternate Names: Chatter Matters


4 out of 10
Nice game to play with the family.

6 out of 10
Good family game.

3 out of 10
I am sure that this might be a decent family party game.

5.5 out of 10
The 6-12 girls crowd especially like this game. Not bad for the family.

Purchased for the silver plastic chips and D12.

5.2 out of 10
The bits are nice and the card art is good. My family already has good communication and is already pretty "Touchy feely" so I didn't need a game to show us that. Donated to Goodwill

Couldn't imagine every playing this with anyone, not even with kids. A little too "edutainment" focused, it didn't look like very much fun at all, and also didn't appear as effective as a conversation starter for families as just playing a FUN game would be. Noble concept, boring execution. Scraped my copy for the cool Mattel coins inside the box.

5 out of 10
Can provide some occasional humor but the signal to noise ratio isn't that good.

Have not played.
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