Thursday, March 31, 2016

Air Duel: Danger Zone (1998)

Air Duel: Danger Zone (1998)


5 out of 10 with 1 ratings
Board Game Rank: Not Ranked
War Game Rank: Not Ranked


The publisher's description: "Danger Zone is a two-player game of air-to-air combat between jet fighters. Each player pilots an airplane and attempts to shoot down opposing fighters. You maneuver to get your opponent's plane in front of yours, where you can shoot at it. The first player shot down loses."

The game features 6 scenarios from the Korean War through Desert Storm.

This game only had a limited release and was never formally published by OSS. The back cover of this edition states Special Gateway 1998 Convention Edition, Number 01 of 20.

  • Designer: (Uncredited)
  • Publisher: One Small Step
  • Year Published: 1998
  • Number of Players: 2 - 2
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 12
  • Playing Time: 45
  • Subdomain: Wargames
  • Category: Aviation / Flight, Korean War, Modern Warfare, Vietnam War, Wargame
  • Mechanic: Simultaneous Action Selection
  • Alternate Names: Air Duel: Danger Zone


This game was never released, mostly because it just wasn't compelling enough to play and we couldn't figure out a way to improve that problem. You really had to internalize what the planes were doing in your imagination. if you didn't do that, then the point of the game was pretty much lost. I suppose it may have some appeal as some of the playtesters reported really liking it. It may yet get released as a PDF only download.

5 out of 10
An interesting twist on bringing Ace of Aces style simplicity to a jet combat game. The directional disks just seemed to lack any sense of speed or movement.
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