Monday, February 29, 2016

The Game of Catholic Trivia (1985)

The Game of Catholic Trivia (1985)


4 out of 10 with 2 ratings
Board Game Rank: Not Ranked


The Game of Catholic Trivia has a very fitting title as it is just that, a trivia game about Catholicism. However, the creators have added some extra elements by splitting the questions into categories, rating the difficulty of the questions and tracking game progress using "Bingo" cards (they are referred to as such).

When a player rolls the game die, the result corresponds to a number on his/her Bingo Card. The numbers are shown multiple times on the cards in different colours. These colours correspond to a specific category of questions including "Famous Martyrs, Saints and Sinners" and " History - Pre Vatican II". The number also corresponds to the level of difficulty of the question, that range from Easy to Extremely Difficult. If a player correctly answers the question, he/she places a token on the number and colour that was answered. If not, play passes to the next person. A roll of a 6 is a "free will" where a player may select whichever space wanted.

The player wins with 5 tokens in a row, vertically or horizontally.

  • Designer: (Uncredited)
  • Publisher: Cadaco
  • Year Published: 1985
  • Number of Players: 2 - 12
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 8
  • Playing Time: 60
  • Category: Religious, Trivia
  • Mechanic: Pattern Building
  • Alternate Names: The Game of Catholic Trivia, The Game of Catholic Trivia


5 out of 10
And oldie but goodie. The current event category is pretty much unanswerable by anyone born after 1980.
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