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Golden Trivia Game: Star Trek Edition (1985)

Golden Trivia Game: Star Trek Edition (1985)


5.752 out of 10 with 25 ratings
Board Game Rank: Not Ranked


A Trivial Pursuit compatible set of cards with questions about the original series of Star Trek. There are rules for a stand alone game.

This GOLDEN series game covers trivia dealing with the Original Series and the first three Star Trek movies. Questions are split into six categories: 1. SHIP'S CREW: Questions on the crew of the Enterprise 2. STARFLEET: Questions on Starfleet and its policies as seen on screen 3. ALIENS: Questions on the many alien races seen in Star Trek 4. ALIEN WORLDS: Questions on the many alien planets seen in Star Trek 5. QUOTES: Questions on the dialogue in the episodes and movies 6. TREK TRIVIA: The "Wild Card" category; covers most everything the other categories don't.

The object is to be the first player to reach a predetermined number of points.

Questions are determined by die.

  • Designer: (Uncredited)
  • Publisher: Western Publishing Company
  • Year Published: 1985
  • Number of Players: 2 - 0
  • Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 10
  • Playing Time: 60
  • Category: Card Game, Movies / TV / Radio theme, Science Fiction, Trivia
  • Mechanic: Dice Rolling
  • Family: Golden Trivia Games, Star Trek
  • Alternate Names: Golden Trivia Game: Star Trek Edition


I never played this game but I got it in a grab all box some where. I gave the game to my uncle and I have no idea what he did with it.

7 out of 10
Thrift shop find! Very interesting because it was published in 1985, so it is unsullied by TNG. The questions can be very punishing - you can be currently watching the episode on the card and still not know the answer.

5 out of 10
Star Trek Trivia is fun... but not much replay value, esp. with my friends. Cards can make interesting discussion topics though.

5 out of 10
I remember many of the questions for this game being too esoteric for all but the most devoted fan. It also led me to conclude that the board really does make Trivial Pursuit more fun.

6.3 out of 10
This game is for serious original series geeks only. Casual Trekkers will probably become frustrated by the level of detail in the questions. Essentially all of the questions come straight from or are referred to in the original 80 episodes. It is very simple to play and requires essentially no learning curve. Good for a night of simple entertainment with no strategy or complex rules systems. Anyone with a love for ST: TOS will find this game fun. Number of players doesn't adversely affect game play because it's a point gathering system. That said, it's a great 2-player game but from 2-6 players would have the same amount of fun.

1 out of 10
Trivial Pursuit Clone, Only less fun. Not because of the questions or subject matter, but simply the mechanics of the whole "Golden Trivia" genre.

3 out of 10
Never really got to play this much. No one was able to keep up with me. I would win games with scores 300 pts above everyone else.
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